President's Message

Marcelo Cantarovich
TTS President

Dear Member,

I sincerely hope that this message finds you and your family well. This has been a difficult year for the medical community, as we bear a special responsibility to ensure the continued wellbeing and safety of our at-risk transplant patients. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your teams for your tireless effort in advocating for transplantation medicine and science while keeping your programs running in the middle of a pandemic.

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We all hope that  the situation will improve to allow us to host the TTS 2022 congress in person. Preparations are well underway for TTS 2022, with our call for abstracts recently being launched last week, and our scientific program committee (SPC) working diligently to finalize the program structure, including plenary, state-of-the-art, workshops and early morning sessions.. The SPC is also considering some new and novel session formats, while ensuring we maintain geographic and gender balance that is reflective of an international organization.  With it being four years since our last in-person congress, a core commitment of the meeting will be an opportunity for discussion and networking. For those who have not had the chance to visit my birthplace, Buenos Aires - Argentina, this is one of the most beautiful and cosmopolitan cities in the world to visit with rich culture and fine architecture. The congress venue, the Buenos Aires Convention Centre (CEC), is remarkable, featuring an innovative design with an abundance of natural light and vast open areas . We are sure you will enjoy your onsite experience.

This issue of the TTS Tribune will focus and highlight many of our current and future activities happening during my tenure as TTS President. I am taking this opportunity to thank all our councilors, IHQ staff, the TTS Sections, and our partners and collaborators for their ongoing support for making this possible. I would also like to extend a special thanks to our Executive Committee, Mehmet Haberal (Past-President), Elmi Muller (President-Elect), John Fung (Vice President),  Ron Shapiro (Secretary), Minnie Sarwal (Senior Treasurer), Gabriel Gondolesi (Treasurer) and our new Executive Director, Marcelle McPhaden, who will be introducing herself to the TTS membership in this newsletter.

I wish you all good health and wellbeing during the holiday season and I am looking forward to 2022.

Executive Director's Message

Marcelle McPhaden
TTS Executive Director

Meet Our New Executive Director: Marcelle McPhaden

Video Welcome Message


Hello to all connected to The Transplantation Society. It is a privilege to serve the transplantation community as the Executive Director of TTS.

My interest in transplantation began early in my career working as a physical therapist with heart transplant patients before completing a Master’s degree in Health Administration and working in hospital and healthcare organization management in both Canada and the US. My sojourn in sunny California also included working at a start-up pharmaceutical company and training in regulatory affairs and clinical trials. 

My foray into global health started upon my return to Canada. When the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 I joined the ranks of Health Partners International of Canada (HPIC) working with pharmaceutical companies to deliver donated medicine to vulnerable communities and crisis areas around the world.

My international interests fueled, I joined Accreditation Canada and worked with medical teams assessing quality of care, conducting healthcare quality improvement education sessions in the Middle East and Asia. It was a fascinating experience to see how similar healthcare challenges are met in varying environments and to support the development of regional healthcare accreditation systems.

I then used my accreditation experience at the Canadian Medical Association, assessing the training programs of 15 different health professions at colleges and universities. The CMA with its various medical affairs interests and journals provided good insight into the running of a medical society before I returned to HPIC as its President and CEO focussing my efforts on improving health in some of the most disadvantaged communities around the world.

On a personal note, my husband has also travelled the globe with the satellite communications industry. I have 3 adult children, 2 sons who are engineers (1 who design hospitals), and a daughter beginning a residency in hematology. I serve on the board of directors of two Canadian charities, one providing home nursing care and the other dedicated to ending homeless in Montreal. In my spare time I enjoy running, biking, hiking, skiing and even curling!

It seems my professional journey has come full circle, from starting with clinical care in the field of transplantation, to appreciating healthcare around the world, working at a medical society and rising to the privilege and challenge of leadership. I have no doubt that all of these elements and more will come into play as I serve the mission and membership of TTS.

I am in awe of the passion and commitment of all who are connected to the society. It is my privilege to work with you and I look forward to all we can accomplish together to advance practice a world where organ failure does not mean end of life.

Official TTS Announcement

The Transplantation Society is pleased to announce the appointment of its new Executive Director, Marcelle McPhaden, who took office on October 18, 2021.

Marcelle joins us from Health Partners International of Canada, a humanitarian medical aid organization providing medicine and healthcare capacity building programs in low-income countries where she served as President & CEO. Trained in Physical Therapy at Queen’s University, Marcelle also holds a Master of Health Administration from the University of Ottawa, as well as completing training in clinical trials, regulatory affairs and executive leadership. Marcelle brings over 25 years of progressive and varied leadership roles in national and international health related organizations and entrepreneurial environments. Marcelle was recently awarded a Queen’s University Distinguished Alumni Award for her exceptional contributions to her profession and the community at large.

Marcelle started her career as a cardiorespiratory physical therapist where she worked with heart transplant patients prior to working in hospital management in Canada and the US. Later in her career she helped advance healthcare quality in Bahrain, Kuwait, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia and Qatar through conducting education sessions on various healthcare quality improvement topics and managing the development of regional health care accreditation systems. As well Marcelle worked in the accreditation of health professional training programs at the Canadian Medical Association.

Marcelle currently sits on the board of two Canadian charities, one providing community nursing care and the other dedicated to eradicating homeless in Montreal through the provision of food, shelter, health and social services to those living in precarious circumstances. 

As Marcelle has started to meet various leaders in the field, she is excited to build on the great work TTS provides to the transplant community. 

Outgoing Executive Director Thank You

Jean-Pierre Mongeau
Jean-Pierre Mongeau, retired as TTS Executive Director at the end of September after more than a decade with TTS.
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During his time with us, Jean-Pierre has overseen the many successes of our organization including the expansion and diversification of our membership, increasing our financial stake in our journal, (Transplantation), partnering with Jeremy Chapman in the creation of our open-access journal (Transplantation Direct), the development of a solid financial management strategy, and a multitude of other new initiatives, partnerships and collaborations with national, regional and sister organizations.

Most importantly, Jean-Pierre has kept us on track as the global leader in transplantation through his professionalism, hard work and relationship building.

Jean-Pierre is leaving us in good health to actively focus on his many hobbies and interests. He is an avid photographer, an experienced sailor, a motorcycle enthusiast, and a nature lover who loves combining his love of the outdoors with his fitness. Jean-Pierre is looking forward to this next chapter of his life with his wife (Susan), his children (Natalie and Phil), as well as his new dog (Weston), aptly named after one of his favorite photographers.

Jean-Pierre will be missed greatly by our entire organization, the IHQ staff, the many friends he has made and especially by the six current and past TTS Presidents he has worked closely with over his tenure (Gerhard Opelz, Francis Delmonico, Philip O’Connell, Nancy Ascher, Mehmet Haberal and Marcelo Cantarovich).

On behalf of the entire TTS Membership, we would like to sincerely thank Jean-Pierre for his years of service and extend a debt of gratitude for the many successes we enjoy that would have not been possible without his leadership.

Transplantation Journal Update

Jeremy Chapman
Transplantation has taken a few steps recently to make it easier for the author and the reader of the journal.
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Transplantation has taken a few steps recently to make it easier for the author and the reader of the journal.

Simple Submission: If you haven't tried it yet - have a look. The process of submission of papers to journals is one of the trials of modern scientific publication? Well it doesn't have to be. We have cut the requirements for submission down to the bare essentials. We really only need the corresponding author's details and a limited number of tick boxes which confirm that you actually want us to review the paper for publication.  That tedious accompanying letter to the editor has been reduced to a 100-word text box for only the really important issues. The paper can be submitted a single file with tables and figures embedded in it - a Word document or a PDF is fine. If you have supplementary digital content, we ask for a separate accompanying file, to avoid the main paper being  too large a file. That's it - job done. 

The onus is on you as the author to make sure the file doesn't contain masses of corrections and comments - we will review what you send us! If you left off the tables and references or figures we won’t be chasing you to get you to complete the paper. 

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Expedited Review: At the start of the COVID pandemic all journals were ill-prepared to publish important data quickly. Certainly we weren't able to get data to you as fast as you and our patients needed it. We have speeded that up dramatically and have put some COVID papers online first after peer review and revision in as short as ten days. If you need to know the data and we know it, then our responsibility is to get it to you as soon as possible.   

'Online first' is the way we make accepted papers available for the reader. We have changed the process  recently so that, instead of putting uncorrected author typescripts online, we are now getting finalised author corrected proof typesets online. We have speeded up the production process so what took three months, now takes an average of 22-25 working days.  

Click to visit online first page

The editorial and review team have worked hard to handle a massive increase in papers submitted to your journal during 2020 and 2021. Our thanks go to you, the authors and readers of the journal who have both submitted papers and accessed the journal in record numbers.   

Jeremy Chapman, Editor in Chief, Transplantation Journals. 

2022 TTS Call for Nominations for Officers and Councilors

In 2022, three Officer positions will be vacated and 5 of the 12 Councilors-at-large representing the Regions will be changing. The elections will take place early in 2022 and those elected will assume their new roles starting at the 2022 TTS Congress in Buenos Aires.

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Members can access the online nominating form at Since each nominee must have his or her form signed by three supporting members (including him/herself), the online process allows for efficient and rapid circulation.


Please note:

  • As successive presidents may not be from the same Region, members from the Middle East / Africa region who would have otherwise been eligible to become President-Elect are not eligible in these elections.
  • Only members who have served a full term on Council and have paid their dues are eligible for the Officer positions (President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer).
  • Only full members who have paid these dues are eligible to be nominated for Council.
  • Only full members who have paid their dues may nominate and/or vote.

For more information on elections, visit the TTS website and consult the By-Laws in the “About” section.

Nominations are being sought for these positions

Officer Positions:

  • President-Elect
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer

TTS Regions:

  • Europe (1)
  • Latin America (1)
  • Middle East / Africa (1)
  • North America (1)
  • Oceania (1)


Alternatively - Click here to download Forms as a PDF

2022 Awards Call for Nominations

Medawar Prize

Call for nominations

Recognized as the world's highest dedicated award for the most outstanding contributions in the field of transplantation.

The Medawar Prize

The Medawar Prize, named after Society co-founder Sir Peter Medawar, is recognized as the world's highest dedicated award for the most outstanding contributions in the field of transplantation. The Medawar Prize has been awarded at each of our Society's biennial Congresses since 1990.

The award recognizes the outstanding investigators whose contributions have had such a profound influence on the field of organ transplantation. The Medawar Prize is universally considered to be commensurate with the most outstanding world prizes for scientific achievement.

Application Extended Deadline

May 1, 2022

Eligibility to Award

All full members in good standing will be eligible to be nominated for this award.

Frequency of Award

The Award will be given at each of the TTS Biennial congresses.

Selection of the Recipient

The selection committee consists of the previous five Past Presidents of The Transplantation Society.

Monetary Award

The monetary award will be $25,000.

Past Medawar Laureates

Starzl Prize


Application Deadline

May 1, 2022

Supported by

Early in his career, Dr. Starzl recognized the importance of deceased donation. He pioneered many facets of transplantation, including immunosuppressive drug development, organ preservation, tissue matching, surgical transplant technology, and developed the team approach to organ transplantation; thus paving the way for the success and acceptance of heart, lung, pancreas, intestinal, liver, and kidney transplantation. The international impact of the fruits of seven decades of commitment to transplantation is shown by estimates of over 600 000 Americans and millions of patients around the world that have received a life-saving organ transplantation. He was also credited as having trained over 1,000 medical and surgical transplant specialists over his 50 years in clinical medicine, many of whom have gone on to successfully develop their own transplant

Eligibility to Award

All full members in good standing will be eligible to be nominated for this award.

Frequency of Award

The Award will be given at each of the TTS Biennial congresses.

Selection of the Recipient

The Chair of the Selection Committee will be the then current TTS President, who will choose a selection committee of 3 among the Council members.

Monetary Award

The monetary award will be $10,000.

Previous Winners


Recognition Awards

Call for nominations

These awards recognize individuals who have made a major international impact in the field of transplantation. The awards are given out at each International Congress of The Transplantation Society and carry a monetary award of USD $2,000 each.

Available Awards for 2022

Outstanding Achievement Transplantation Science (Basic)

Outstanding Achievement in Transplantation Science (Clinical)

Outstanding Achievement in Transplantation Science (Developing Country)

Mentorship or Education and Training in Transplantation

Select a year to view past recipient details

WIT Awards

WIT Awards

The Women in Transplantation Steering Committee have created the Woman Leader in Transplantation Award to recognize a woman who has helped further the field of transplantation through research, policies, leadership, initiatives or other regarded contributions. The Unsung Hero Award will be presented to one woman who has had an extraordinary impact in transplantation through community service, volunteering, mentorship or other community based activity. Both Awards are presented during the presidential address at the TTS International Congress.




The Transplantation Society celebrates the contributions of basic science to the field of transplantation with the International Transplantation Science Mentee-Mentor Awards to recognize the efforts of scientists who have advanced our understanding of transplantation science and fostered the development of the young investigators who will be the future leaders in our field.

The application will open in January 2022. Deadline for submission is April 10, 2022.

Click here for more details
JOIN US – where the global transplantation community meets!

“We are excited to welcome you to Buenos Aires for a week of science and global collaboration, and to reaffirm our commitment to access and transparency in transplantation”

Marcelo Cantarovich
Congress Chair
& TTS President
Gabriel Gondolesi
Congress Vice-Chair
Nino Murcia
Congress Vice-Chair

WHEN: September 10-14, 2022

WHERE: Buenos Aires Convention Centre (CEC), Argentina


  • Expand your network by joining over 3,500 international experts in transplantation science and medicine
  • Advance your knowledge through an exciting program that covers a diverse array of topics, ranging from cutting-edge science to current controversies in ethics and public policy
  • Engage in discussions and share best practices in transplant programs development, organ donation, and procurement
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest research and clinical advances from peers and industry
  • Personalize your experience with highly focused networking and educational activities
  • Celebrate meeting in person once again in the vibrant city of Buenos Aires!
An outstanding multi-disciplinary program in the making!

Borne by a strong collaboration amongst over 120 experts who form the TTS 2022 Scientific Program Committee and Working Groups, we are crafting a variety of educational sessions in several impactful formats that reflect the way YOU want to learn, whatever your practice setting and level of expertise.

Whether a seasoned surgeon or a young investigator, you will find our global expert speakers addressing the pressing subjects that REALLY matter.

Mehmet Haberal
Scientific Program Committee Chair
TTS 2024 Host-Country Chair
Program Tracks
  • Allied Health
  • Basic and Translational Science
  • NEW Bone Marrow
  • Cells and Tissue Banking
  • Composite Tissues
  • NEW Covid-19
  • Critical Care and Anesthesia
  • Education
  • Ethics and Transplantation
  • Heart Transplant
  • Histopathology
  • Intestinal Transplant
  • Kidney Transplant
  • Liver Transplant
  • Lung Transplant
  • Organ Donation and Procurement
  • Pancreas and Islet Transplant
  • Pediatric Transplantation
  • Sex and Gender Issues
  • Tissue Typing
  • Transplant Immunosuppression
  • Transplant Infectious Disease
  • Xenotransplantation
Program at a Glance (as of December 2021)
September 11 (Sunday) September 12 (Monday) September 13 (Tuesday) September 14 (Wednesday)
Pre-Congress Workshops
Recent Advances in Transplantation Course (PGC)
Plenary Session 1
Transparency and Access
Plenary Session 2
Current advances in Organ Transplantation
President's Plenary & Awards
Break / 11:10-11:35 Break / 11:10-11:35
Oral Sessions
Oral Sessions
Break / 11:40-12:00
Oral Sessions
Lunch Break
  Lunch Break
  Lunch Break
Mentee-Mentor Roundtable Lunch
Industry Symposium
Mentee-Mentor Roundtable Lunch
Industry Symposium
Industry Symposium
Chairs Debriefing Session
First time attendees Orientation
    (Exhibit Hall Close - 15:00)
Oral Sessions
Industry Symposium
TTS Business Meeting / 15:25-15:55
Break / 16:00-16:25 Break / 16:00-16:25 State-of-the-Art
Oral Sessions
Mini-Oral Sessions
Oral Sessions
Mini-Oral Sessions
Opening Ceremony and Keynote Address
Poster Session /
Campfire Sessions
Industry Symposium
Poster Session /
Campfire Sessions
Industry Symposium
Closing Plenary
Future perspectives’ in transplantation
Welcome Networking Reception
Networking Events
TSC Mentee-Mentor Awards - 18:45-20:00
  Congress Networking Event
Scientific Program by the Numbers
  • 3 Plenary Sessions
  • 25 State-of-the-Art Symposia (SOTA)
  • 21 Workshops
  • 52 Oral and Mini-Oral Abstract Sessions
  • 200+ International Faculty
  • 600+ Abstract Presenters
Here's a sneak preview of the SOTA sessions being developed
Critical Care Optimizing organ donation: from the street to the ICU
Allied Health Allied Health Professional; current state and future role in organ donation and transplantation
Education Increasing awareness through education as a strategy to improve organ donation
Ethics and Transplantation Current ethical challenges in transplantation
Liver (Medical) The changing profile of donors and recipient candidates: tackling donor limitations
Composite Tissue Emerging experience in vascularized composite allotransplantation
Organ Donation Organ perfusion, preservation and resuscitation: the next frontier
Kidney (Medical) Challenges in kidney transplantation
Pediatric Transplantation Pediatric transplantation: a glimpse into the future
Basic and Translational Sciences Organoids: scientific ‘toys’ or alternatives for organ transplantation
Heart Transplant New developments in heart transplantation
Kidney (Surgery) Surgical challenges in kidney transplant (adult and pediatric)
Infectious Diseases Vaccines & SOT: immunization saves lives
Tissue Typing HLA 360
Intestine Intestinal and multivisceral allocation around the world: what is the best model?
Pancreas and Islet Key advances with beta cell replacement therapy
Transplant Immunosuppression Challenges and advances in transplant immunosuppression
Xenotransplantation Getting ready for clinical xenotransplantation
Registry Answering big questions with big data
Sex And Gender Issues in Tx The impact of sex and gender in transplantation
Lung Transplant Covid-19 era: what has changed for lung transplantation?
Liver (Surgical) Multidisciplinary approach in transplant oncology - expanding liver transplantation for cancer: call in the multidisciplinary troops
Cell And Tissue Banking Stem cells, eye transplant and advanced organoid technology
Bone Marrow Hematopoietic stem cells transplantation, classical and new indications
Histopathology Latest technologies and advances in the detection of allograft rejection and tissue injury status
Call for Abstracts is Now Open!

Present your research to a global audience!

All our members and the transplant community as a whole are invited to present their latest research at the Congress.

TTS 2022 is a great window to receive the right exposure and recognition in front of a global audience. As a young investigator, you have the opportunity to get your name out there and raise your profile amongst the world leading experts!

A not-to-be missed opportunity to gain valuable feedback on your research, foster additional studies, and find mentorship through our diverse and high-caliber attendees.

So act fast and start preparing your best abstract!

Click here for submission guidelines

Important dates:

  • Abstract Submission Portal is now open
  • March 15, 2022 - Abstract Submission Deadline
  • May 27, 2022 - Notification Letters to Submitters
  • June 10, 2022 - Registration Deadline for Abstract Presenters

Accepted abstracts will be published in an online supplement of the Transplantation Journal.

At TTS we award excellence! Be recognized and apply for a Congress Award!

As part of our renewed commitment to rewarding excellence in research, TTS will offer a number of merit-based awards to recognize Trainees, Young Investigators, and Allied Health Professionals who submit and present superior abstracts at the Congress. By recognizing excellence, we aim at encouraging the development of critical presentation skills essential for a career as a clinical investigator and scientific communicator.

Stay tuned for more information and application instructions in January 2022.

Become a Sponsor and Exhibitor at TTS 2022!

TTS is known for its novel initiatives and programs, constantly seeking to connect and engage the international transplantation community, more so in an increasingly uncertain global environment.

We are committed to providing our industry partners with a variety of solutions to optimize their ROI, capture the attention of over 3,500 transplant experts with their programs, products and services, and enhance their organization’s profile by networking and establishing valuable contacts with key opinion leaders.

Whether you represent a company, an institution, or a foundation we look forward to learning more about your needs and sharing with you the many creative and unique opportunities TTS 2022 can offer your organization.

Download the sponsorship and exhibit prospectus here

One of Latin America’s premier conference centres

The new Buenos Aires Convention Center (CEC) opened in the chic Recoleta neighborhood in September 2017. One of the city's most important developments in recent years, the CEC boasts an innovative architectural design with versatile and column-free exhibition spaces over three underground levels.

Located in a leafy stretch between the University of Buenos Aires Faculty of Law and Parque Thays, the center offers many transportation options to Congress hotels and the rest of the city.

Committee Updates

Anesthesia and Critical Care

The Anesthesia and Critical Care Committee (ACCC) over the past year has hosted two webinars. Both are now posted online. The committee plans to host two more webinars in 2022.

View Webinar: Liver Transplantation and Anesthesia & Critical Care Involvement

View Webinar: Anesthesia and Critical Care Procurement and Transplantation
Continuing Medical Education

Formed in 2021, the CME Committee is a new group of medical education enthusiasts. It is composed of eight members: Chair, Andrea Herrera-Gayol (Canada); Co-Chair, Nithya Krishnan (UK); members of the Education Committee: Pablo Uva (Argentina), Curie Ahn (South Korea) and Ashraf Dada (Saudi Arabia) and members of the Early Career Committee: Aravind Cherukuri (USA), Victorio Cervera (Uruguay), and Subho Banerjee (India).

Its mandate is to identify needs in knowledge, skills and/or performance in the transplant medical community, with the goal of closing the gaps between current and desired/optimal levels. The Committee provides guidelines for educational activities that will be planned according to the principles of adult learning, and without any commercial bias.

An example of its accomplishments, it is the involvement in the planning of the TTS congress 2022 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The committee reviewed the comments and suggestions from previous congresses, evaluated surveys answered by TTS members, analyzed needs assessments and gaps by region and by level of experience and area of work and produced a list of proposed topics.

We encourage other committees to reach out to us should they need guidance in aspects of CME/CPD planning.

Early Career Members
The Rebrand:
Formerly known as the Young Members Committee, the Early Career Members Committee has renamed itself to better reflect the purpose of the committee.
The Importance of Investing in Medical Education in Transplantation:
A Perspective from Latin America

Author: Victorio Cervera, Member of the Early Career Members Committee
Edited by Shaifali Sandal, Chair, Early Career Members Committee

Many students in Latin America and some Caribbean countries do not pursue the scientific career. Only 2% of the population have a degree in fields that are related to medical or biological education when compared with all with higher education; this number is much lower when compared to Europe (5%), US (7%) and Canada (10%). Many of these skills gaps are found in the region’s largest economies, such as, Argentina, Brazil and Chile. Despite strong job opportunities and rapid economic growth in technology and scientific markets, Latin American countries are not producing the graduates necessary to meet the demands in medical education and to become truly competitive in the global community. (1)

Read Full Article

The ECMC quick clip videos are released approximately every other month. ECMC members interview KOLs about various subjects. From career advise to recent publications and clinical trials.

View Quick Clips Recordings
Social Media and Online Presence
The ECMC has been working to improve their online presence. You can follow the TTS ECMC on Twitter at @ttsecmc.

Stay tuned as the ECMC is putting together plans for a “ECMC Corner” of the TTS website as well as activities for the TTS2022 congress in Buenos Aires.


Over the past year the Education Committee (EC) has organized several webinars. The heightened ease of using webinar technologies such as zoom may have had a positive impact on participation. The EC hosted in December a webinar on Social Media with Teresa Chan (the Associate Dean, Continuing Professional Development at McMaster University Faculty of Health Sciences), and Joel Topf along with multiple members of the TTS community. The EC’s first sponsored webinar series with Biotest also launched in December. A webinar on the topic of non-adherence will take place on January 7th, 2022. The EC has planned an additional webinar on January 24th with WIT and ISN.

Other initiatives:

The Transplantation Society is extremely pleased to have launched Connecting DOTs. Connecting DOTs is an online platform dedicated to educating schoolchildren on donation and organ transplantation (Donation and Organ Transplantation for Schools). It provides information for teachers, students and their families. This is intended to be a resource to the transplant community worldwide to augment awareness of the transplant organ shortage. If you have an ideas to leverage utilizing this resource, please contact Jennifer Groverman-Olechowski, MA ( ).
Global Data Harmonization

Lead by Dorry Segev, The Global Data Harmonization Committee was formed in late 2020 with the purpose of providing guidance to the TTS Executive and Council on matters related to availability of transplant data across the world and possibilities of designing and implementing data harmonization efforts. The committee is currently collecting information on all existing regional or national registries around the world. A list of these is available on the TTS website and will be updated as more information comes in. If you know of any other existing registries, please let us know. By emailing

Research Grants

Lead by John Fung. The committee is in the process of creating grant opportunities to fund TTS member research. The proposed grant offering would provide funding to three individual investigators to support their research in transplantation. The spectrum of studies includes basic, clinical/epidemiological and translational. This individual should have spent five years or less performing research in transplantation (and/or immunology relating to transplant) since obtaining their last doctoral degree (PhD, MD, PharmD, or equivalent). One of these research grants will be preferentially designated to TTS members from a low- or middle-income country. More details and eligibility requirements to come. The proposal is still under review.

Transplantation Science

We are looking forward to an exciting year of meetings in transplantation basic science in 2022. This will kick off with the International Transplantation Science meeting (ITS 2022) in Berlin, Germany from May 15-18, 2022 followed by the TTS Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina (September 10-14) where a range of cutting-edge symposia have been organised to highlight recent advances in transplantation science. As always, we will be providing a number of travel awards including the prestigious International Transplant Science Mentee-Mentor Award to support the attendance of new investigators and rising stars. Looking forward to seeing you in 2022!

Click the banners below for full details.

Initiative Updates

Asian Society of Transplantation Collaboration

TTS has partnered with the Asian Society of Transplantation (AST) to hsare resources and educational content. TTS has launched a platform for AST members to access educational material and AST has given permisssion to TTS for members to access highlighted videos from the recent CAST 2021 Congress. This will be the first in a series of collaborations with the AST and other TTS affiliated associations.


Below is the link to the new Asian Society of Transplantation (AST) educational and training platform. To gain access, AST members must login through the AST website.

Connecting DOTS - School Education Program

The Transplantation Society is extremely pleased to have launched Connecting DOTs. Connecting DOTs is an online platform dedicated to educating schoolchildren on donation and organ transplantation (Donation and Organ Transplantation for Schools). It provides information for teachers, students and their families.

We encourage TTS members to review and promote this program to patients, families and educators to help teach young people about organ donation. It can be especially helpful for parents of younger transplant recipients to help teach their child and their peers about the importance of donation. Ultimately, our goal is to see this type of program in use in classrooms world-wide. The pilot program has been developed for English speaking Canadian youth. New versions can be built on the initial program and can be developed according to regional and cultural needs.

Feedback is welcomed. As well, those who are interested in working with TTS to disseminate this program to as many students as possible. Please contact:

Declaration of Istanbul Custodian Group

DICG course on Ethical Issues in Transplantation and the Declaration of Istanbul.

In 2021, the DICG launched an online course. The course was designed to allow participants to learn at their own pace and time during each module of the course. The Modules are all available at this time. Periodically, there will be updates and additions to the content. The course is open to all participants who want to learn about ethics in transplantation, the DOI and the DICG . The course guides participants through all the important aspects of the declaration. Upon completion all participants are eligible for a certificate.

DICG Newsletter

Approximately every other month, the DICG releases a newsletter. The newsletter welcomes feedback and interaction from the transplantation community. Please click here to read the latest newsletter and sign up to receive the next newsletter.


The DICG has been working behind the scenes interacting with individuals, institutions, organizations and government bodies to further ethical transplantation. From time to time, reports of unethical activities are brought to the attention of the DICG.

FOCIS Collaboration

TTS ia a Member Society of FOCIS. TTS Members are entitled to reduced FOCIS membership rates.

FOCIS 2022 Returns to In-Person Format!

Join us in San Francisco as FOCIS returns to an in-person meeting format for the 22nd Annual Meeting of the Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies (FOCIS 2022). 

FOCIS is THE meeting in translational immunology that will give you a competitive edge in your career. Stay ahead of the curve with leading clinicians and researchers delivering the latest breakthroughs across immune-mediated diseases. Focusing on molecular pathways and their implications in human disease provides the unique opportunity for innovative thinking and applying ideas from the pathologies of other diseases to uncover novel solutions to challenges in the diseases you study.

Through the FOCIS Annual Meeting, researchers and clinicians share knowledge across traditional disease borders, and identify commonalities between treatments and therapies that are life changing for those affected with immune-mediated diseases. From the introduction of monoclonal antibodies in clinical practice — to recent advances in cancer immunotherapy – the past two decades have been transformational for patients living with immune-mediated diseases.

Join us in San Francisco June 21-24, 2022, at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis for the FOCIS 2022 Annual Meeting to learn about the latest research advances from throughout the immunology community!

The health and safety of attendees are our top priority. FOCIS leadership and meeting organizers will continue to monitor the global, national, state, and local COVID-19 situation, and adjust as needed. FOCIS is developing an attendee code of conduct and an in-person safety measures and protocols guide that will be shared with attendees and the FOCIS community.

International Forum on Donation and Transplantation Law and Policy

TTS was a sponsor and technological partner for International and Québec Forums on Donation and Transplantation Law and Policy which was held as a hyrbrid event in Montreal this October with over 500 registrants from nearly 35 countries around the world. 

Both Forums served as a platform to present recommendations that can be used to improve the legislative and policy framework surrounding organ and tissue donation and transplantation. We are thankful to the working groups for their dedicated work in discussing and compiling these recommendations and a special thanks goes out to the lead organizers listed below.

  • Dr. Matthew Weiss, Scientific Director of the Forum & Medical Director - Organ Donation, Transplant Québec, Quebec, Canada
  • Mr. Louis Beaulieu Chief Executive Officer, Transplant Québec, Montreal, Canada
  • Dr. Mélanie Dieudé Executive Director, The Canadian Donation and Transplantation Research Program (CDTRP), Université de Montréal, Montreal, Canada

The videos are available for all ISODP and TTS members (click here to access).

ISN-TTS Sister Transplant Centers Program
The application deadline for this program has passed. We will be welcoming new applications in October, 2022 for the 2023 program year.
Middle East Society of Transplantation Collaboration

TTS has developed a new website platform for the Middle East Society of Transplantation (MESOT) as an educational resource for MESOT members to host Congress videos and future multimedia content. This initiative will further strengthen our commitment in forging strong relationships with our regional partners.

MESOT members receievd a notification from MESOT with instructions on how to access the platform.

TTS Members may access the MESOT 2021 Congress videos in the TTS Members area by clicking the button below.

See list of available videos
TTS Masterclass Series
In the summer of 2021, TTS successfully produced a series of 35 webinars designed to meet the needs of the global transplantation community. The challenge of making advances in knowledge when restrictions on in-person meetings remain has motivated us to develop a new event format designed to use the unique characteristics of digital education to meet the needs of our global members.
TTS-ILTS Paired Transplant Centers Program
The TTS-ILTS Paired Transplant Centers program is now accepting new applications for the 2022 program year.
Women in Transplantation

In 2021 the Women in Transplantation Initiative of The Transplantation Society, celebrating its 12 year anniversary, held a Spring Planning Retreat to identify goals and refine objectives. One of the results of this was the development of WIT’s Pillar 3. Led by Dr. Bianca Davidson of Cape Town, South Africa, this Pillar has a strong focus on advocacy. Dr. Davidson is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Nephrology at the Groote Schuur Hospital/ University of Cape Town.  With Pillar members spanning a broad range of geographies, we look forward to watching this Pillar develop.

Women in Transplantation is excited to announce that nominations will soon open for the Woman Leader in Transplantation Award to recognize a woman who has helped further the field of transplantation, as well as the Unsung Hero award to honour a woman who has had an extraordinary impact in transplantation. These will be awarded at the TTS 2022 Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in September 2022. Please go to for more information.

WIT is delighted to announce a second competition for the Women in Transplantation Research Fellowship Grant. This competitive application will provide funding for early career researchers focused on issues of sex and gender in transplantation be it basic, clinical or translational investigation. Please go to to find out more and also to read about the bios and projects of our two inaugural winners, Dr. Rizky Sugianto and Dr. Friederike Martin. In January 2022 WIT will be hosting a webinar in conjunction with the TTS Education Committee and ISN entitled ‘Women in Transplantation Sex and Gender Research - Beyond the Horizon’. With involvement from prominent WIT members including Dr. Curie Ahn and Dr. Kathryn Wood, our two Fellowship Grant winners from 2021-2023 will present their research in progress. Registration is coming soon, so stay tuned.

WIT have continued to provide scientific programming and Networking events throughout 2021, with sessions as part of the TSANZ, ISHLT, ESOT, ATC, FOCIS, CAST, ASHI, ABTO, CST and CDTRP Congresses. WIT have also partnered with the TTS Education Committee and Asian Society of Transplantation on a number of webinars this year. We look forward to an ambitious 2022, with proposed WIT sessions at the majority of International transplant meetings, the showcase for WIT being TTS 2022.

Current projects include activities pertaining to the movie ‘Picture a Scientist’, ongoing optimization of the WIT Speakers Bureau, development of the ASTREG database, as well as working on guidelines papers, position statements around gender equity in transplantation, and guidelines pieces.

Women in Transplantation wish you happy holidays, and look forward to working with you all in 2022.

To join Women in Transplantation and be added to our email list serve please send an email with your contact information to:

Follow us on Twitter (@WIT_TTS) and LinkedIn (

Section Updates

Cell Transplant and Regenerative Medicine Society (CTRMS)

2021 Congress

In 2021, CTRMS held a very successful Joint Virtual Congress with the IXA. The Congress, managed by our team at TTS IHQ, featured great talks and interesting discussions. We would also like to congratulate Dr. Douglas A. Melton on being recognized by the Ricordi Lecture. Dr. Melton delivered his acceptance speech and presentation on "Using stem cells to make islet for diabetic" on the last day of the Congress.

The Congress videos are available to CTRMS, IXA and TTS Members.

Click here to view


Organogenesis is a peer-reviewed journal, available in print and online, that publishes significant advances on all aspects of organ development. The journal covers organogenesis in all multi-cellular organisms and also includes research into tissue engineering, artificial organs and organ substitutes.

The overriding criteria for publication in Organogenesis are originality, scientific merit and general interest. The audience of the journal consists primarily of researchers and advanced students of anatomy, developmental biology and tissue engineering.

The emphasis of the journal is on experimental papers (full-length and brief communications), but it will also publish reviews, hypotheses and commentaries. The Editors encourage the submission of addenda, which are essentially auto-commentaries on significant research recently published elsewhere with additional insights, new interpretations or speculations on a relevant topic. If you have interesting data or an original hypothesis about organ development or artificial organs, please send a pre-submission inquiry to the Editor-in-Chief. You will normally receive a reply within days. All manuscripts will be subjected to peer review, and accepted manuscripts will be posted to the electronic site of the journal immediately and will appear in print at the earliest opportunity thereafter.

CTRMS/Organogenesis Abstract Awards

  • Ibrahim Fathi, Japan
  • Giuseppe Pettinato, USA
International Pancreas and Islet Transplant Association (IPITA)

IPITA had a very busy year in 2021 organizing a Virtual Congress, launching a new Curriculum and their own Newsletter.

2021 Congress

The Virtual Congress, held from October 20-23, 2021, was a great success. There were many highlights and interesting new networking opportunities. The presentations from the Congress are now available to all IPITA and TTS Members. We would like to recognize the following special award winners that were announced at the meeting:

  • Richard C. Lillehei Memorial Award Lecture
    Robert J Stratta, USA (gave a presentation on Pancreas Transplantation for Diabetes: A Half-Century Odyssey and Beyond)
  • Paul E. Lacy Memorial Award Lecture
    A.M. James Shapiro, Canada (gave a presentation on Realizing Paul E. Lacy’s Vision for Islets, Stem Cells and Beyond - Fifty Years on from the Beginning to the Cure of Diabet
  • Derek Gray Distinguished Traveling Scholarship Award
    Andrea Peloso, Switzerland
  • IPITA Outstanding Abstract Award
    Dario Gerace, USA
  • International Recognition Award
    Ana Claudia Vidigal, Brazil
  • Best COVID-19 Abstract Award
    Cyril P. Landstra, The Netherlands
  • Best Oral Abstract Awards  
    Daniel Tremmel, USA
    Undine Schubert, Germany
    Valentina Zamarian, Italy
    Yasaman Aghazadeh, Canada
    Riccardo Tamburrini, USA
    Shadab Abadpour, Norway
    Fanny Lebreton, Switzerland
    Kevin Bellofatto, Switzerland
  • Poster Showdown Finalists  
    David Habart, Czech Republic
    Pedro Ventura, Spain
    Antonio Citro, Italy

IPITA Curriculum on Pancreas & Islet Cell Transplantation

A main focus of IPITA is to promote training in the field of pancreas and islet cell transplantation and it is their hope that this new initiative will advance this goal. IPITA, with the administrative and technological assistance of TTS, developed this curriculum in collaboration with investigators and clinicians from around the world with the purpose of providing the community with a comprehensive educational resourse both for trainees, and seasoned professionals in our field seeking to update their practice.

The curriculum is free for IPITA and TTS members through the member portal on and Those who are not yet members may signup for soley for the curriculum or sign-up and become a member of IPITA at the same time. We have priced the Curriculum to make this as attractive as possible to recruit new members.

New Newsletter, the Beta-Cell Bulletin!

This quarterly newsletter highlights the latest and most relevant publications in our field, as well as association news, and updates on meetings and educational activities.

Click here to read the newsletter

International Pediatric Transplant Association (IPTA)

The International Pediatric Transplant Association (IPTA) is busy planning its 11th Congress, on 26-29 March 2022, in the beautiful city of Prague. Having been postponed to 2022 due to the pandemic, we are excited about our Program which highlights and showcases the latest in pediatric transplantation. Please go to to register and to find out more. We are also in the initial stages of planning our IPTA 2023 Congress, getting back to our usual biannual rotation in synchronization with the TTS Congress.

IPTA recently hosted a 2-day virtual symposium, with a focus on Career Development and Allied Health. The symposium was met with an overwhelmingly positive response, with around 150 registered attendees. The recordings can be viewed here:

IPTA Past Events

We have continued to develop our educational offerings with the SMARTER Initiative, an ongoing series of webinars, podcasts and Journal Clubs. Our Outreach Program for 2022 has also just been launched. This Program pairs pediatric transplant centers, with the aim of helping to develop or enhance care in existing Programs. More information is available here IPTA is also proud to endorse the Declaration of Istanbul, and is currently working with TTS to develop a pediatric needs assessment.

International Society for Organ Donation and Procurement

ISODP Journal Watch Newsletter

In 2021, the International Society for Organ Donation and Procurement (ISODP) launched a new newsletter "ISODP Journal Watch" to serve as an educational resource and benefit to ISODP members. Two of the primary goals for the Society are to enhance resources to improve donation practices and to establish an integrated network of donation professionals. This curated report of current donation focused literature will serve as a convenient and readily accessible compilation of articles that we hope you will find valuable.

3-Day Webinar Series

In November, ISODP held a 3-day webinar series with some great lectures and discussions. Each day had a separate theme (Donation after Circulatory Death, Covid-19: Risk for Transmission, and Presumed Consent Management) and the sessions were very well attended. The videos are available for all ISODP and TTS members.

ISODP also collaborated on two new projects:

International Society of Uterus Transplantation (ISUTx)

The International Society of Uterus Transplantation (ISUTx) joined The Transplantation Society as its 10th Official Section in June 2021, representing a significant milestone for both organizations. The Society came into being in 2016, with a mandatory Registry and biannual Scientific Congress and State-of-the-Art Meetings on alternating years being cornerstones of the Society’s activities. Jiri Fronek, Prague serves currently as the society’s president. Mats Brännström (Past-President), Sara Brucker (President-elect), Stefan G. Tullius (Vice-President), Paige Porrett (Secretary), and Nawar Latif (Treasurer) represent the society’ Executive Committee.

ISUTx section members are also members of TTS, to celebrate the collaboration between the 2 societies and also to build on the diverse range of members of ISUTx, who incorporate transplant professionals and also gynaecologists, reproductive endocrinologists, obstetricians, and other health professionals with an interest in uterus transplantation. We are currently working on expanding membership levels to incorporate Trainee, Allied Health, and Emerging Economy members.

ISUTx’s 3rd International Congress was held in October 2021, and was run as a successful hybrid Meeting hosted at ISUTx President-Elect’s Dr. Sara Brucker’s institution, University of Tuebingen Womens Hospital. Overall, the meeting was attended by 400, with around 150 joining online at any time throughout the meeting. Recordings can be viewed here:

View Congress Recordings

ISUTx is currently planning a SOTA in Paris in October 21, 2022 organized by Jean-Marc Ayoubi. It is envisaged that this will be a hybrid event. We invite all interested parties to look out for communications in the TTS Pulse or from ISUTx with more information on this SOTA.

ISUTx wishes to extend its gratitude to TTS for all of its assistance so far, and anticipates a long and fruitful continued collaboration in the coming years.

International Society of Vascularized Composite Allotransplantation (ISVCA)

ISVCA is looking forward to returning to in-person meetings starting in 2022!

International Xenotransplantation Association (IXA)

In 2021, IXA held a very successful Joint Virtual Congress with the CTRMS . The Congress, managed by our team at TTS IHQ, featured great talks and interesting discussions.

The Congress videos are available to CTRMS, IXA and TTS Members. Click here to view.

We would also like to congratulate our award winners:

  • Prof. Emanuele Cozzi on his introduction as the latest IXA Honorary Member
  • Dr. David K.C. Cooper on receiving the Keith Reemtsma Award Lecture
  • Rita Bottino was awarded the inaugural Agnes Azimzadeh Award
  • Arne Hinrichs and Evamaria Riedel for winning the Carl-Gustav Groth Xeno-Prize
  • Takayuki Hirose, Corbin Goerlich, Konrad Fischer, Adwin Thomas, Margaret Connolly for winning 2021 Congress Scientific Abstract Awards

A special thanks goes out to Dr. Richard N. Pierson III and Prof. Wayne Hawthorne for organizing the very touching Agnes Azimzadeh Tribute Session for our recently departed friend and colleague who passed away on March 15, 2021, after a courageous battle with intestinal cancer.

Intestinal Rehabilitation and Transplant Association (IRTA)

IRTA held a very successful virtual Congress in 2021 and has recently held several webinars with plans to hold many more in 2022.

 Best Scientific Abstract Awards 

  • Chen Liu, New Zealand 
  • Leandro Emmanuel Vecchio Dezillio, Argentina 
  • Daniela Gattini, Canada
  • Mathias Clarysse, Belgium 
  • Cate Fraser-Irwin, New Zealand 
  • Natascha Silva Sandy, Canada

Best Allied Health Professional Abstract Award 

  • Bianca Bondi – Toronto

Allied Health Professional Outstanding Achievement Award 

  • Brooke Chapman – Australia 

Latest Webinars


Upcoming Presentation

Society of Pediatric Liver Transplantation (SPLIT)

The Society of Pediatric Liver Transplantation (SPLIT) recently held its landmark 25th Annual Congress in Pittsburgh, USA. With around 400 registered attendees across both in-person and virtual platforms, this was a successful hybrid meeting showcasing the latest in pediatric liver transplantation. Our 26th Annual meeting is currently in its preliminary planning stage.

We have continued to develop our educational offerings with 2 ‘Breaking Through’ workshops in 2021, educating healthcare providers on how to tackle institutional racism within healthcare settings, and an ongoing 4th year Fellows series. The SPLIT-IRTA Listserve and COVID-19 Registry remain live on our website, providing an invaluable resource. We are currently planning a series of SPLIT Allied Health webinars for 2022.

Transplant Infectious Disease (TID)

TID was one of our busiest sections in 2021, contributing with numerous updates to their "GUIDANCE ON 2019 NOVEL CORONAVIRUS (2019-NCOV) FOR TRANSPLANT ID CLINICIANS", producing several webinars and holding a Virtual Meeting.

TID President's Message

Dear TID Members,

It gives me great pleasure to pen this note to our members.

At the outset I must thank Mike Ison for his sterling leadership in the past two years. As we all know, they were difficult years for everyone. Still Mike carried on with his mission. We have a revised set of bylaws, we are now incorporated, and we have managed to roll out several educational initiatives, despite the pandemic.

You will see that our Council is truly globally representative. Thank you to all of you who made the effort to vote. I look forward to connecting with many of you in different parts of the world, and I know Council is also excited at the opportunities that lie ahead.

In the past few years, TID Council has tried hard to reach out to our Transplant partners in various parts of the world. We partnered STALYC on a few occasions. We co-badged symposia with several international organizations at their annual congresses. We did one with ISHLT, one with ICHS, and one with ISHAM-Asia (the latter two were held virtually). We have continued with our annual TID meetings – holding one in conjunction with the ISODP meeting in 2019, and another as a post-congress offering at TTS 2020. And, as most of you will know by now, we have kicked off our clinico-pathological conferences in collaboration with TID journal. We hope to continue these international collaborations. If you/your society is planning a meeting, do consider a session dedicated to TID, and do consider partnering us.

We were also among the earliest organizations to come up with a set of COVID-19 guidelines. The science has moved rapidly and we will be updating them soon. If there are aspects of TID practice requiring guidance, do let us know. Our membership includes many experienced TID practitioners from many parts of the world, and we will be happy to work with you/your local society to customize guidelines for your setting.

I look forward to a fruitful time.

Ban Hock Tan
President, TID

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